29 paź 2008

Get Samsung G600 and Add a Touch of Suavity to Your Personality

Samsung, the creator of some of the most stunning mobile phones, has again come up with an extraordinary mobile device that goes by the name of Samsung G600, in the mobile phone circuit. Like all the earlier creations, even this widget too has got the same kind of qualities, but this time with different and more enhanced features.

Samsung, one of the leading brand names across the world, shares a long association with industry of home appliances. After reigning as a market leader in the home appliances industry for years, it turned towards the mobile phone industry. Here the competition level was a bit higher then what it was in the home appliance industry. The already established stalwarts gave Samsung, a run of their lifetime, but the gritty attitude of Samsung finally led it to the place where it was. Today, it is one of the leading and a reckoning forces in the entire mobile phone fraternity and its widgets have always lived up to the reputation that Samsung has established for its products every time. Same goes for the Samsung G600. Following is the detailed description of its chief features.

Starting from the looks, the Samsung G600 is one mobile device that has got a fairly decent combination of both looks and features. An epitome of suavity, this wonder widget just perfectly suits the requirement of every modern age customer. The slider phone that brings alive all the joys of communicating in a uniquely new way possess unmatchable looks and comes in an extremely elegant design. With an added touch of sophistication, communicating takes a whole new meaning on this mobile phone.

Samsung G600, offers a wide array of connectivity options on the fingertips of the customers. With Class 10 GPRS, Class 10 EDGE, the users will hardly find any problem in staying connected with their near and dear ones. The advanced Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP allows the user to transfer data of any kind in a safe and secured manner. So, if it is a trailer of upcoming movie, music video or a video clip, sharing it through this embedded Bluetooth will hardly be a problem for the users of this mobile device from Samsung. Along with the high-end Bluetooth technology, this wonder widget also comes with a revolutionary USB port, that allows the users to manage their important files even in the absence of their personal computer. Users can easily transfer files from their computer via this feature and vice-versa. There is also an Internet Browser, that brings high-speed Internet connectivity on the fingertips of the users. Thus, the user will be able to surf his favourite websites at the press of a single button.

A complete stunner in terms of performance, this wonder widget approves all kinds of latest messaging features as it offers Emails and Instant Messaging. Through the e-mails, the users can keep a healthy balance between their work and social life. While through picture messages, the users can say a lot of things to their loved ones in a beautiful manner.

Nokia N85 Gets Sim Free Freedom - Nokia N-series N85 UK

The top end N-Series range of Nokia mobile phones has now expanded further to include a new multimedia device called the Nokia N85, this new handset is set to run alongside the recently launched Nokia N96 whilst offering a slightly different feature pack. Initially the new Nokia N85 has been made available as a SIM free mobile phone, this means that consumers will not have to sign up to a lengthy pay monthly contract deal or attempt to pass any UK network credit checks, consumers can simply buy the handset out right and use their existing SIM card to retain their current mobile number, account details and any stored contacts on the SIM.This also opens up the possibilities of buying the Nokia N85 as a gift for others, as the Nokia 85 is unlocked to all Uk networks there is no need to register the handset at point of purchase, this means that the phone can be given as a present without it being tied to one customer name. Although the SIM free Nokia N85 does give total network freedom to the user this does come at a price as the consumer will actually be paying the 'real' price of the handset, because the device is not being connected to a network there are no subsidies in place to discount the phone price.The 2.6" OLED display on the Nokia N85 brings everything to life in detail. With OLED displays users can view images and video in natural, true colours and high contrasts for exceptional quality. Faster display response times eliminate motion blur, while the wider viewing angle lets users enjoy their media experience to the maximum.The Nokia N85 offers a stunning 5 mega-pixel camera complete with Carl Ziess options that combine with auto-focus, red-eye reduction, LED flash and digital zoom to capture images in stunning detail. DVD quality video capture at a smooth 30 fps (frames per second) makes shooting and capturing smooth, clear video, ready to upload or share in an instant. Connect to the Nokia Ovi service and share photos and videos with friends instantly, or send them via picture messaging (MMS) or email.The N85 offers the internet to hand whenever needed iwth high speed 3G connectivity and HSDPA support bringing broadband like speeds to the device. Connect to the internet, view news, sports or entertainment news, or simply collect email. The Nokia MiniMap web-browser displays pages as seen on standard PCs and laptops, with Flash video support, allowing users to watch their favourite movie clips on-line. Wi-Fi support makes it easy to connect to wireless broadband hotspots found around most UK towns and cities for ever faster connectivity.The Nokia N85 has a built in FM transmitter which once activated allows usersto tune into car or home radio and listen. The integrated FM Transmitter transmits music to FM radio of a short 2-3 metre range, letting users tune any standard FM device into their music.Built in support for MP3 music playback and a microSDHC memory card (8GB included) allows for storage of over 2000 songs/100 hrs of continuous music, also users can connect to the Nokia Music Store and download fresh music any time. An integrated FM radio lets users listen to their favourite stations in an instant and if they are travelling they can use the Nokia Internet Radio application to listen radio stations anywhere in the world without FM reception.The Nokia N85 is compatible with the Nokia N-Gage service which allows users to download new games, play on-line with friends or connect to new ones. Dedicated gaming keys illuminate when playing, giving precise, instant control. Pre-loaded with 10 games and compatible with the N-Gage Arena service that lets users share their high scores, reviews or tips with other users, the Nokia N85 is gaming made mobile.Although initially launched as a SIM free handset the Nokia N85 is expected to be offered as a contract mobile phone on the UK networks very soon, for now, those with deep enough pockets can take advantage of a high specification device with no network locks and total SIM freedom.

8 lut 2008

Browse at your Ease With Nokia N810

Nokia is a multinational leader in the field of wireless communication. Presently, it is the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturers. It has come up with mobile phones for almost each and every market segment. Nokia has always endeavoured to mould technology in to common man’s life. This means that it has something to offer everyone. Whether, you are looking for a high-end, multi packed features gadget or for a stylish one, you will find all with the Nokia. Recently, it has introduced the all new Nokia N810. The Nokia N810 is completely an internet device and depends upon Wi-Fi and cellular Bluetooth in order to get online. It is a revised version of the earlier Nokia N770 and the Nokia N800. Here is all you want to know about the Nokia N810. The Nokia N810 measures just 226 by 72 by 128 mm in dimensions. The widescreen of this handset is just 4.13 inch wide screen display. It has captured the market with a sleek look and sliding keyboard to escort the touch screen input. The keys of Nokia N810 are large, backlit and extremely tactile. The topmost row is placed right below the screen, which makes it difficult to type without keeping your thumb straight. It includes browser based on Mozilla technology and thus is a web friendly device. One can have access to innumerable sites including Google, Facebook, Flickr and many more. Apart from all this, it includes a number of features to draw a whole lot of audience towards itself. Nokia N810 offers you internal storage offers you an internal storage of 2 GB. You can do instant messaging, operate media player, browse web, send or receive E-mails, image viewer, an RSS reader and microSD card slot. The Nokia N810 includes Voice-over-IP applications like Gizmo Project and Skype and a web camera to make video calls, as and when required. It enables you to stay online 24 X 7 with the boosted battery life of up to 4 hours of non-stop usage and 5 days of online time with 2 weeks of standby time. You can enjoy music playback of up to 10 hours. You can stay in tact with your work; entertain yourself in more than one way, without worrying about the battery issue. As far as, connectivity is concerned the Nokia N810 puts forward options like Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, and USB. The 2 GB internal storage ships along with maps for usage along with GPS. Well formulated multimedia features are other enticing features of Nokia N810. All such wonderful features, from the most reputed manufacturer make it a golden opportunity. You do not really need to think about the quality, it is going to be at par with your expectation.